My website looks like yours, and yours, and yours too

The sameness and awfulness of using website template companies for your website.

As a small business owner, your website is the digital expression of your entrepreneurship dreams. Your dream is yours and yours alone. Why should that digital expression look like a bunch of other people’s digital expression?

The sameness of these websites, produced from the same templates, or dragged and dropped, invariably leads to the majority of these websites looking the same. Some of these websites have unfortunate visual results.

The goal should always be for your site to play well with and against others. Bear in mind how consumers think when you are putting your website out for consumption. Imagine being faced with many store fronts… which would you choose? The one with the least attractive front? One of those that all look the same? Or would you choose the site that is attractive and inviting, unique in expression and looks like it will give you a fine shopping experience?

Years ago, a ‘coach’ who claim she could help you build your business online for the handsome sum of $1,999. directed people to her ‘business’ website that was a free monstrosity from a well-known company who offered these drag and drop sites that all looked the same. Who would pay this ‘coach’ almost $2,000. when she could not build a proper site for herself?

Having a website in this digital age is vital. Everyone who is attempting to do business should have one. But it is necessary that your site does not say desperation or that you budget is squeaking. There are many other small businesses that build proper sites for other small businesses, that will make your business stand out with a site that properly highlights your business. Following the crowd to a large company to get a drag and drop site will leave you with a website that may not adequately reflect your vision.



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