Turn Your Passion To Profit – Part 4

Determine What Sets You Apart From Your Competitors

Unless you’re building something completely new and revolutionary, you’re going to be competing against others. If you’re going to succeed with your side hustle, you need to find a way to differentiate yourself from your competitors. Figure out how you’re going to stand out from the crowd.

How can you differentiate yourself from your competitors?

There are numerous ways, including:

Better quality products or services

Better customer service

Faster delivery

Photo by Anna Nekrashevich from Pexels

Less expensive products or services

Aggressive sales tactics

Higher or lower profit margins

A noble cause you support with profits from your product

If you don’t find a way to differentiate yourself from your competitors, there’s no reason that customers should purchase from you. You absolutely must find a way to stand out in the crowd.


This is Part 4 of the 12 Part series –Turn Your Passion to Profit.

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