Market Your Business With Social Media

Smart Ways to Market Your Business with Social Media

The primary purpose of social media used to be maintaining contact with family and friends. But it quickly grew to include businesses that wished to stay in contact with current and potential customers. Social media can provide an economical and effective way to increase your revenue.

Use these tips to keep in touch with your customers through any social medium:

Have a social media strategy.

  • Consider how social media can be integrated into your current marketing strategy.
  • Effective marketing requires a plan and commitment to see real results.
  • Avoid just signing up for a Facebook and Twitter account and posting or tweeting without a plan in place.
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Market to your customers.

  •  Track down where your customers congregate online and market to them. Anything else is likely to be a waste of time.
  •  There are many communities within the various social media sites. Find out exactly which ones your customers prefer.

Consider the various ways you can build your business with social media.

  • There are many ways to leverage the attention of your customers through social media.
  • You could aim to find new customers.
  • You could also handle customer concerns publicly to show how responsive your company can be to customer service issues.
  • Announcing sales or special events through social media is also a great idea.
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Be consistent and timely.

  • Respond to any inquiries that result from your social media marketing and spend time online each day.
  • Avoid letting several days go by without being involved or seen online. Otherwise, people are likely to get bored and leave.

Be as human as possible.

  • With social media, it’s generally better to have a picture of your face, rather than just the company logo.
  • People are far more likely to connect with a person than a faceless company. Try to be personal and authentic.

Track your results.

  • If Twitter isn’t working, drop it. But you’ll never know whether or not a specific social medium is working unless you track your results.

For the most part, social media is free, so you can easily take advantage of these marketing opportunities and promote your business in many ways.

Give it a try!

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